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About Antique Dollhouse of Patterns

Antique Doll House of Patterns (ADHOP) is a family business residing in southern Alberta, Canada. We are now the main suppliers of SonRise puppet patterns, stuffed animals and wallhangings patterns, etc. Aside from a very large collection of patterns covering most categories, approximately 35,000 plus, we also have a massive doll collection dating from the mid 1800s to the more modern Barbie dolls in boxes. Our Barbie doll collection is impressive and some of the dolls and over 450 tagged Barbie and Ken dolls clothing have not yet made it into the store. Please feel free to inquire about anything specific you may be looking for.

We try our utmost to give the best customer service possible. Shipping is from the Canadian post office, and in some cases we can ship from the U.S.. Thank you for finding our website. Penny Dell