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Description Poor Pitiful Pearl was based on a cartoon character created by William Steig. The doll was first marketed in 1958 by the Brookglad Corp., Glad Toy Co. Later in 1963, the Horsman Doll Company took over the manufacture. Research tells me she came in either a 12" or 17" version. She was also marketed in 1976 but had the 1963 markings. The original doll came with two outfits; a tattered dress, in variations of the above, and a party dress. this so different doll sold as I received her is the 17 inch version.. and reading more on this website guess this is the original Pearl.. This is another version of an early Poor Pitiful Pearl. made by Brookglad Creations, This Pearl is wearing the "party dress" that came with her. She is actually from the late 50s for the vinylflex type doll ACCORDING to the write up. she is about 17 inches tall. . she is shown wearing this same dress, she is wearing vintage pink girdle type undies and have added white shoes that actually look like her original shoes in the picture.. she is not perfect.., her hair needs washing and setting, she needs a hair beauty appointment.. her blue sleep eyes are a bit cloudy but maybe just need to be cleaned.. her hair is quite long and pulled back in a ponytail.. back of her head says Brook Glad Creation... fully jointed she is a teen doll.. as I received her.. so unique and different.. inventory 1321. dollroom filed ok ff inventoried bin 5 ds