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22" HORSMAN ALL ORIGINAL MAMA DOLL, YELLOW DRESS,BOX #706 THIS IS A hORSMAN BABY DOLL,, CHUBBY AND ADORABLE AND A TRANSITIION DOLL circa 1951 to 1952... vinyl arms and legs.. and a composition head, must be about the last year or so that they used composition heads.. beautiful condition face, very little crazing,, big blue sleep eyes,, closed red mouth.., nice curled mohair ashy auburn blonde hair, hard to describe the shade.. adorable.., yellow nylon or organdy dress lace trimmed some pin holes in it,, and old vintage linen type slip,, long white nylon pantaloons, they keep falling off her., elastic a bit loose.. rayon socks and white leather or leatherette shoes.. all original to her.. and the bonnet.. been on display.. bit of wear on the yellow dress. a few marks, as I received her from a professional doll collector.. very much like the D & C Snuggles doll.. have one other doll from this same era, a Canadian doll will be listed separately and she has the box too and is in a blue outfit... the box has wear.. not perfect... as you see her.. nice condition original doll. a real sweetheart.. the dress should be freshened up.. this doll would be too expensive to ship overseas, approximately $ 95 on estimation depends on boxed up weight. email me if you wish to ship her overseas... original description as I received her: 22" Special latex Baby in her original box with latex limbs and a composition head and mohair wig. A transitional doll made in the early 50's when the new plastics were coming into use. Many doll companies used older parts such as composition with their new latex and plastic dolls. This particular doll also came with a hard plastic head but she had a synthetic wig not mohair like the composition dolls. This doll has a blonde mohair wig in her original set. Blue sleep eyes with all lashes intact and eye shadow. She has a cloth body with latex limbs. Her dress is yellow nylon with a matching bonnet. She wears her original white leatherette shoes with white nylon socks. She is in excellent condition. Her latex is a nice flesh color and the composition has no crazing. Her dress is in nice shape except some some moth holes in the back of the dress. The original box has some wear. The cover has one end missing. The original Horsman label is there though. Marks: A Horsman Doll. Circa 1950. to 1952 and similar to the Snuggles doll of that era.. also shown is a picture of this Horsman snuggles doll in yellow with her sisters, one is a d&C snuggles in blue of that era, and in pink is Baby Precious 1948 Canadian Reliable doll. all cute. inventoried doll room shelf 1 ok