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Description out of print thick and heavy extra postage. kwik sew sweatshirts unlimited and write up on the net Master Pattern Included KWIK?SEW?s Sweatshirts Unlimited is a fun book. Everyone who sews would like the fun of creating a one-of-a-kind garment. Let your imagination run wild by the use of various inserts, colours, and fabrics on the same garment, this concept was unthinkable just a few years ago. Actually never has fashion been so much fun as right now. The Master Pattern included in this book is for a sweatshirt in eight different sizes. Many people associate sweatshirts with a garment that should be worn when jogging and exercising, but this is no longer true. Sweatshirts have become a fashion garment, they can be for casual wear, sports and even dress-up occasions. The sweatshirt is a loose fitting garment so you don't have to worry too much about the fit, which makes it a perfect gift for men, women and children. How about surprising a teenager with a sweatshirt using the school colours? The book includes unlimited variations for necklines, hems, sleeve finishes, design changes, decorative finishes and much more. With the help of this book, you can design a sweatshirt for any occasion from sporty to a dressier look. The master pattern includes eight unisex sizes from a children's size 10 to extra-large adult. This means you can use the master pattern for the entire family. The multi-sized master pattern is printed on durable white paper with colour coded lines for each size. The patterns are printed on both sides of the paper so we could include as many sizes and designs as possible. If you trace the patterns using tracing paper or tracing cloth made of transparent pressed fibers you can use the master pattern again and again and the bright white paper makes it easy to trace the master pattern! All of the master pattern pieces include 1/4? (6 mm) seam allowances. This is the best seam allowance to use when sewing sweatshirts. You can use a regular sewing machine or a serger/overlock machine. Patterns are made to fit specific body measurements with ease allowed for comfort and style. Before you trace the pattern, choose the size by comparing the bust or chest measurement to the measurement chart. Choose the size closest to this measurement. If in-between sizes, choose the larger size. COVERS CHEST 28 INCHES TO 48 INCHES.