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Description *Dollikins/ballerina type 18'' articulated dark brown haired 1950s doll pretty floral vintage flare dress with netting attached underneath.., not as old as the doll but looks good.. . she also has what could be her original crinoline slip in taffeta and netting.., old undies a bit loose... as I received her.. a beautiful Dollikins or ballerina styled doll, jointed knees, go by the picture.. I was trying to research her on the internet and this particular doll I believe they adamantly said they are not dollikins dolls, she is articulated like one but will go by the doll reference.... about 18 inches tall, she is serene and beautiful.. vinyl face. red closed mouth., blue sleep eyes, lashes, red lips., swivel waist too.. .. rich rooted dark brown hair pinned up, .. as I received her, not perfect but lovely... vinyl face and arms, hard plastic articulated legs and body She would be a classic to dress in exotic ballet costumes.. and could easily be a Valentine Canadian doll circa 1958.. BACK OF HER sweet vinyl head says 21 VW . inventory 1367. I was looking through the Canadian book of dolls and found one very similar to our doll here called a Ballerina Doll dated 1957 and that one is 20 inches tall, plastic body, legs, vinyl arms, jointed knees, hips, shoulders and neck.. vinyl head, blue sleep eyes, lashes, painted lower lashes, rooted brown saran hair, closed mouth. and the mark of Reliable. ours does not appear to have any signature, but the similarities are amazing., her nails are painted red.. interesting doll of the 50s.. Ballerina dolls are always popular.. SHE WOULD be very expensive to ship overseas and will find another outfit for her to go home with. AND if I can find a pair of suitable ballerina shoes will include those too