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Description I have had this doll in my collection for quite a while and did not know who she was, Charlie's Angels came to mind, and different t.v. characters but had to research who she was, by Mego 1978, , and her name is Candi.. she is in her original camisole pale blue top and her lace trimmed shorts.. long leggy thing, long arms, sculptured face with chracter, blue painted eyes, closed mouth, right arm is bent at elbow... 1978 Mego Corp. made in Hong Kong. sold as previously owned, no chews or bites, nice condition tall pale blonde doll with original outfit as shown.. her hair could do with a groomer, she has very thick long rooted blonde hair. you could do lots with it.. from what I could glean, she was a makeup doll; doll has a very pale face so that makeup can be applied. and you could color her hair, her hair has not been colored yet... and now have a second one like her, found her while clearing out the stock, and she has no shoes, , swivel waisted, and wearing an old polyester floor gown, light blue top with flare royal blue flare skirt, red beading trim, 1/2 of the back snap is missing, needs freshening.. interesting the light blue top is the same color as the cami of the other girl but don't know if this is original or made.., slim long skirt underneath and a flare circle skirt attached over it shown in last picture..... two in all of these dolls.. her hair is blonde and bit dry on the ends, done up in a ponytail.... both dolls combined weigh about 645 grams, so should be able to keep the packaging up to 1 kg..... . have had her for a few years. she seems quite athletic and if anyone knows the history of this particular Candi doll would love to hear about her . inventory #756,1978 Mego doll called Candi, about 18 inches long, and is as described in the text and shown in pictures. thank you. doll room shelf 6 inventoried filed..