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Description Art Craft Dolls 1918-1921 1918-1920 Art Craft Dolly Face doll, 21" 1918-1920 Art Craft Dolly Face doll, 21" all composition jointed body, sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth Art Craft Toy Products 1918-1920 then Art Craft Playthings Corp. 1920-1921 Not much is known about this short lived American doll maker who made dolly face or baby dolls in all composition with ball jointed bodies, sleep eyes, quality wigs. Art Craft dolls were made to compete with German bisque head dolls. I had to read this to believe it.. I bought this doll because I had never heard of her. she is all composition, ball jointed limbs.. some fingers missing but overall very nice condition doll. above is the best write up I could find about her from doll reference site.. she has beautiful brown human hair done up in a twisted bun, nice blue sleep eyes, open mouth and teeth,, bit of wear on her compo but overall very nice condition. tightly strung. as I received her.. she is wearing a lovely vintage pale mint green long dress and matching slip, antique shoes. about 21 inches tall as I received her.. I have two of these dolls each a bit different.. Some Art Craft doll markings are: Art Craft USA (in an oval) Art Craft in an oval NYC ARTCRAFT PLAYTHINGS. she would be expensive to ship overseas.. the long mint green dress has short sleeves and lace trim on bodice and sleeves.. the slip underneath has lace edging.. her hair is quite long and will try to find a picture with her hair down. inventory 1817 shelf 6 doll room inventoried.. the second doll has human hair thick dark brown. open mouth with teeth, sleep eyes, wears an eyelet dress and lace trim slip and wearing lace socks white shoes. she is version 2 pictures will follow.