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Description rare Hudson Bay 15???????????????? Kichi????????ma great chief native doll 1963 Cdn D&C I truly love this doll with dark skin, craggy realistic facial features... a rare doll and very hard to find with its original outfit.... 15 inches tall this is Kichi'ma Great Chief a Hudson Bay Company Canadian doll as you see him in the picture.. there is some wear on his fringed tunic top, rick rack and embroidery ribbon,, and has nice pants with matching trim on side and black fringe.. and suede real leather moccasins with beading., painted black eyes and a grinning chief grin, and long braided black hair.. very unusual, hard plastic jointed D & D doll circa 1960, in the Canadian Book of Dolls, green book... and soft vinyl face,, expressive hands.. clearing out the dolls... great acquisition INVENTORY 190. Canadian doll book says plastic body, jointed hips, shoulders and neck. vinyl head, painted black eyes, rooted black hair in braids.. watermelon mouth. original suedine suit with braid and rick rack trim, leather moccs.. the original tag is missing. made exclusively for the Hudson's Bay Co. mark on head 1963/ Hudson Bay Co. on body, made in Canada / DEEANCEE.. this is a valuable doll and noted an unusual doll and hard to find , on page 112 in the book. and this doll should be on display with his type of fringed suedine pants he would not sit easily and would probably ruin his suit. inventory 2521 filed ff I used the write up and pictures of the last one I have already sold.. this one is in nice condition, the suedine has a bit of wear on pants, nice tunic, do not think this suedine wears well over 50 years, the main difference are the gorgeous hand beaded moccasins.. all beaded on top and around and white rabbit fur around the rim. love this doll. i HAVE NOW added the current native doll and a picture of his beautiful beaded and fur trimmed moccs. thank you filed ff inventoried doll room shelf 6 box n