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Description inventory 469. 23'' 1930s Ideal Delite compo Mama Doll with a Shirley Wig ,teeth. very unusal doll as I received her, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, tongue and two front teeth.. composition lower legs and full arms JOINTED ARMS MOVE, ,, composition shoulder plate, , stuffed body, as you see in the picture with a really Shirley styled curled brown wig. . jointed long compo arms and fingers, baby finger on right hand is missing the top.. I cannot see any markings but sold to me as an Ideal Delite, estimate 30s.. estimate also that the body is newer, very clean and nicely stuffed. through the body you can see there was a mama crier in front at one time... looks like she has molded hair under her thick wig.. sorry I do not know her previous history. tin blue sleep eyes, crazing on the arms, a bit on the legs. nice face.... bout 23 inches tall. clearing out the dolls.. FOLLOWING is some of the information about this doll when I purchased her about five years ago.. Composition Doll from Ideal Novelty Company by the name of Suzy, also called the Lifetime Doll, I-De-Lite made by Ideal 1936. She is one of many Baby versions body with composition hands and feet. Open smiling mouth with teeth. Perfect condition. No repaint, no cracks.She is wearing a Shirley Temple wig with that typical bias cut with long front, shorter in back. She is also wearing her original dress. Shoes and socks are replacements. She is about 23 inches tall. I could not find any markings, which may be under the wig, which I did not want to disturb. she was sold to me as no repaint, but the face is so lovely I don't know, it does not look repainted and I really cannot tell.. and not my expertise.. and more info: quote she has her original auburn wig, feels like human hair, and all set up in ringlets, and bobby pin curls and ribbons that match her peach nylon dress.. she has I believe replaced shoes and socks, older but not as old as she is. nice blue tin eyes, sleep eyes, and open mouth with teeth. she has crazing on her arms and one baby finger is missing. jointed arms too. and the swing mama doll legs, her body looks newer and probably replaced and there is a hole inside the body, covered by her body that probably had her original mama doll voice box.. and a bit of crazing on her feet under her socks. as you see her, she is a real mama doll size of 23 inches tall ..... this doll has a lot of potential to be absolutely stunning. her hair needs grooming and maybe change her dress to a chemise. too expensive to ship overseas. would have to go as surface mail for overseas..