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Description Here's a nice German girl,quote from her owner when I purchased her,,, . She is on her original body This girl is 24 inches tall, made by an unknown german firm. Her flawless bisque and feathered eyebrows point to a quality manufacturer. She has lovely blue sleep eyes and an open mouth with teeth. Her head is guaranteed without flaw. She wears her original brunette ringlettes wig and pate. Her dress is deep blue velvet, two piece, that matches her eyes. Her skirt is floorl ength and the top trimmed in gold metallic lace. Grandma even padded her chest to give her a bustline! She wears thigh length black cotton stockings and no shoes. Head marks: (incised) Made in Germany, 8 inventory #67 and this gorgeous German girl doll made for the French Market is so exquisite and stunning but she was not perfect when I received her, she has her original body and the finish was flaking off the body so off she went eventually to the doll hospital where they sanded her whole body and did what I think is a great job.. I took many pictures of her body.. she is tightly strung and does not stand on her own well,, beautifully displayed on a doll stand.... her outfit in rich royal blue velvet is an antique outfit and as I received her with leg of mutton sleeves.. old hooks and eyes on the back of her bodice top.. all in all a lovely German doll with 8 incised on the back of her head.. AND SHE WOULD BE very expensive to ship overseas, please contact me for a parcel rate... inventoried doll room closet