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inventory 684. 24???????????????? stunning bisque doll in cream ruched satin floor gown,hat in Vanessa lovely box fits her perfectly and thought it must be her box, but our gorgeous doll here does not have a Vanessa label on her body.. no markings on her perfect bisque head, has a bit of Oriental look to it.. heavy eyeshadow, blush, red lips., inset glassine blue stationary eyes, , reddish eyebrows.. wig is shiny and a golden blonde,, , and her ruched ivory gown is amazing.. silver threads along the hem., wearing a white underslip, pantaloons, white socks and cream color mary jane type shoes.. tush label says made in Taiwan, that is all the info I can get on this doll.. estimate circa the 70s to maybe 1980.. too heavy to ship her overseas approximately $135.00.. magnificent doll will be well packaged for her journey home and in the Vanessa window box I received her in.. clearing out the dolls. AND SHE COMES with her matching hat too.. all original unplayed with condition.. no id.. great acquisition. Stuffed cloth body.. lower limbs are porcelain bisque..... This darling lady doll would enhance any collection.. she also have a very large satin tie for around her wait to tie into a fancy bow.. she also has nailpolish on her adorable fingers., molded in a cupped position... I have not taken her original shoes and socks off... or any of her clothing.