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Description Adult & Children's XS-S-M-L-XL Hats & Slipper Socks Adult & Children's Sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL Choose from four styles of hats, hat scarf and slipper socks. The recommended fabric is heavyweight stretch knits such as Polarfleece???? or blanket fleece. The only notion you will need is thread unless otherwise specified. Body Measurements Size XS S M L XL Head Circumference 19 (48) 20 (51) 21 (53) 22 1/2 (57) 24 (61) "(cm) Length of Foot 7 1/2 (19) 8 1/4 (21) 9 (23) 9 3/4 (25) 10 1/2 (27) "(cm) Fabric requirements: View A is an extra-long stocking cap with a self fabric cuff and tassel. Fabric requirements: (minimum width) Sizes XS-S-M-L: 1 1/4 yard (1.15 m) 51??????? ( 130 cm) wide Size XL: 1 3/8 yard (1.30 m) 56??????? (142 cm) wide View B is a shorter stocking cap that requires 3/4 yard (0.70 m) of 56??????? (142 cm) wide fabric (minimum width). View C is a two peak hat with contrasting fabric for the cuff and tassels. It requires 3/8 yard (0.35 m) of 28??????? (71 cm) wide fabric (minimum width). For the contrast fabric you will need 1/4 yard (0.25 m) of 60??????? (152 cm) wide (minimum width). View D is a four peak hat. All of the panels and the cuff are made from different colour fabrics. The cuff requires 1/4 yard (0.25 m) of 26??????? (65 cm) wide (minimum width) fabric. For the panels, you will need four pieces of fabric each 14??????? x 14??????? (36 cm x 36 cm). View E scarf-hat has a center seam and self fabric fringe. Fabric requirements: (minimum width) Sizes XS-S: 5/8 yard (0.60 m) 46??????? (117 cm) wide Sizes M- L: 3/4 yard (0.70 m) 53??????? (135 cm) wide Size L: 7/8 yard (0.80 m) 55??????? (140 cm) wide View F Slipper Socks are made from a double layer of fabric. They have drawstrings at the top edges and the soles have gripper fabric. Fabric requirements: Sizes XS-S-M: 5/8 yard (0.60 m) 60??????? (152 cm) wide Sizes L-XL: 3/4 yard (0.70 m) 60??????? (152 cm) wide You will also need two drawstrings and a piece of gripper fabric 5??????? x 24??????? (13 cm x 60 cm). kwik sew 2450 great fun hats, jester too and hoodie scarf and super booties.. or slipper socks.. sealed.. name on pattern jacket.. head circumference xs to xl is 19 to 24 inches and foot size 7 1/2 to 10 1/2 inches.. neat pattern 1995 uncut sealed. Kwik sew 2450 sealed ones go first have some uncut and not sealed.