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Description this lovely lady is really a mystery doll.. I have categorized her under German dolls but she could or may be French. Late 1800s on estimate from original family. she is wearing a red silk dress that is starting to shred and a very antique velvet bodice and sleeves. she has an overbite and two good size teeth in an open mouth.. she has fixed pupiless dark brown eyes with a red line running above her eyelids and below her long brows. she has a shoulder plate and the inscription is so faded at the lower edge. looks like LL at the end. about 11.5 inches tall or so, she has a white leather smooth body and I believe her feet lower legs are cloth, wearing brown socks... Our girl has an antique slip on and matching pantaloons. there is some transference of the red silk to some of the slip.... she is wearing a red velvet bonnet with old lace trim.. Her hair is auburn human hair I believe and separated like pig tails.. but is hanging loose estimate late 1880s for her. #19. inventory #2707 filed. I cannot take her clothes off and do not believe her dress ensemble has ever been removed.. WE BELIEVE this young lady is a Gebruder Knoch doll from the turn of the century.