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Description 7" 70-80s FLAGG FLEXIBLE VINYL FANTASY DANCER, BOX The Flagg and Company Doll Company was originally located in Brookline, Mass. and produced a line of dolls made of flexible vinyl resin. These dollhouse sized dolls were designed by Sheila Flagg and were sold from 1947 to the mid 1980's. The dolls faces were hand painted and they were dressed in real cloth clothing. They had a wire inside that made them poseable. The original dolls (2"-4") consisted of family members (father, mother, brother, sister and baby) so were very suited for dollhouse play. Later the company added different lines of character dolls and were a larger size (8"). The dolls could be in pairs or dressed in clothing from different countries. The last address for the company was Jamaica Plain, Mass. as I received her. the box faintly says Fantasy Dancer.. she is a dancer but dont know if she is the Fantasy one.. bit of wear on box.., flexible play dolls Flagg company. she has a ballerina dancing outfit pink tutu type dress embellished and rose red burgundy glitter on arms.. faded in spots.. she does have a neat headdress so she may be the fantasy. looking closely, it does not show up in pictures.... gold and hot pink shaped cardboard headdress and feathers.. nice original blonde curled hair.. interesting and unique.. and she comes with the box inventory 2283 dollrm shelf 7 inventoried doll rm